WhatsApp Unified Inbox

Chatbot Automation

Cynthia Njoki

Last Update 10 months ago

The bot automatically responds to your customer with the business name, allowing them to engage and transact. We provide different options for banking/insurance/retail.

The customer gets to see what's new, updates and also gets to speak to an online agent.

An online agent is readily available to speak to the clients. This is normally through a WhatsApp unified inbox dashboard. Multiple agents have their log in credentials on AXIS to access the queries coming through on WhatsApp. 

All conversations are indicated as new until opened. The supervisor is able to monitor all chats and the agents are not able to delete the conversations. Images and PDFs may be attached on the phone to the helpdesk and vice versa. 

It also provides reporting to see how many tickets come in and how many have been resolved to allow your business to get the right insights.

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