How we count Characters on SMS

Fundamentals for SMS Marketing on AXIS

Cynthia Njoki

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Here are some key pointers to note when creating your SMS Campaigns.

1. Messages more than 160 characters count as more than 1 SMS eg 200 is counted and billed as 2 SMS.

2. We have a character count in the SMS body to ensure you keep to it. And you can preview before sending.

3. We have billing column in the reports.

4. SMS to countries outside Kenya cost Ksh 8.

How to keep within the character count:

1. Remove personalization if you must keep within the character count.

2. Shorten your links using bitly.

3. Avoid special character such as $, # in your body.

This way, you're still able to communicate with your clientele while minding the cost.

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